Bulbul Watches

Bulbul is a contemporary Danish watch brand based in Copenhagen who work exclusively with selected creatives.

We had the first hand opportunity to look at the Pebble 06 as well as the Facette 03, this is what we thought.

The Pebble 06 is a striking time-piece from the moment you see it, with a German made steel band and a Swiss gold plated movement including 4 jewels, you cannot help but feel chic regardless of whatever else you may be wearing. The quality is evident in its solid feel and the fact that it has been worn day in day out with very little signs of use. This is a watch that works with anything and everything, it is a staple, an iconic yet unique shape thanks to its inverted isosceles trapezoid design. There is just something to this watch that speaks volumes, it somehow signifies that you are not only creative as well as being professional, but that you are also able to be elegantly casual. Perhaps it's the plain white face with no ticks to signify hour or minute, something that some may find daunting but a quirk you adjust to in no time.

The Pebble 06 is an absolute must buy for those looking to humbly stand out.

The Facette 03 is classic yet contemporary in its own right. The rose gold steel face is about as modern as can be, it is a simply gorgeous colour that looks absolutely incredible in person, and is matched in turn by the brown Italian leather band that complements the watch face elegantly. The clean face sporting only small black dots to signify the hours and even smaller black dots to signify the minutes is understated and precise. The classic circular shape gives the Facette 03 the ability to also be worn in a multitude of situations, whether work, dinner party, or simply having a coffee.

The Facette 03 is for those after a contemporary colour palette whilst remaining classic thanks to its shape and expertly chosen materials.

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Bulbul Watches