Solid State

Solid State are an Australian company with an eye on bringing mens grooming into the twenty-first century through bold branding, marketing as well as unique alternatives to traditional body and shower accessories. A few of the reasons we believe in these pioneers of touch and scent:

  1. All of their products are cruelty free
  2. They offer a money back guarantee
  3. Their shower products are SLS free meaning less irritation

What caught our eye the most was their innovative cologne that comes not in water form but instead in a sort of firm oil based block that you warm with your finger before applying on your "heated areas", namely your neck and wrists. We tested out three products from this range, plus a bonus cologne that we went out and immediately purchased!

Freshman is inspired by Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio; it smells fresh and light, notes of citrus and bergamot at first but the smell of rosemary and amber linger the longest, we found this particular cologne to require the most repeat applications.

Haze is a woodier smell from the get-go, base notes of patchouli and incense are at times taken over by cedar with lingering lemon and pine. Haze required less repeat applications and also smelled great after seeping into your pores and combining with your bodies warmth.

Bloom is for the man, or woman, who prefers warmer scents with base notes of leather accord and musk, the knock-out notes are in the sandalwood and cedarwood which hang around for an appropriate time after you've left. Bloom inspired us to go out and get our hands and noses on a fourth scent.

Wayfarer is similar to bloom in that it has a lot of woody notes, the difference here is the tobacco and spice notes. Based on Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille but at about 10% the price, this is an absolute must for those who want to reapply as seldom as possible whilst smelling like how I imagine Ernest Hemingway must have smelt in the midst of a tumultuous 1920's. 

Colognes are an incredibly personal purchase with not only preference playing a part but also how any specific notes will meld with your own personal scent, and whilst we cannot speak for how they will blend with yourself personally we can tell you that these four scents are all incredible in their own right. Whether you're after something light and casual or whether you'd prefer to smell like you hunt bears whilst smoking cigars, Solid State has you covered at a very competitive price point.

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